May 28 - June 3, 2018

Point Grey Golf & Country Club

Lee McCoy wins the Freedom 55 Financial Open

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    • Lee McCoy captured the first event of the year (Chuck Russell/PGA TOUR)Lee McCoy captured the first event of the year (Chuck Russell/PGA TOUR)


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    Lee McCoy didn't just win the first event of the year at the Freedom 55 Financial Open in Vancouver, B.C., he dominated. 

    His eight-stroke margin of victory was the biggest in the PGA TOUR-era of the Mackenzie Tour-PGA TOUR Canada, and his win gave him the quick start he was after, after suffering a wrist injury in a car accident earlier this year en route to Tour Q-School.

    McCoy spent a few minutes with chatting about his win, his approach for the rest of the year, and why he decided to make the Club Twirl of the Year on the 72nd hole at Point Grey Golf and Country Club. 

    You ended up winning by eight shots, so come Sunday, did you feel like you needed to keep the pedal down, or were you playing a little more conservative?

    My goal the whole day, and I kind of made my mind up on Saturday, was to get to 20-under. On Saturday, when I realized I was going to get somewhere between 12-under and 14-under… I didn’t really think that would have the lead. I thought I’d have a share. I didn’t think I’d open up a 3-4 shot lead on Saturday. With the lead being 11-under on Friday afternoon and second-place at 12-under on Sunday that doesn’t really add up, but sometimes the leaders come back to you a little bit. First event of the year… you don’t know what it was. I did less than double what the lead was on Friday over the weekend. You wouldn’t think that would win by eight.

    You posted a photo after the round praising your putter and driver. How key were those clubs for you last week?

    They were huge. Putter was spot-on. And the ball-striking gave it a lot of chances. On Saturday and Sunday I drove the ball really well and that’s key on that golf course. It’s a short and tight golf course and I’m not one of the longer players out there so I was able to take driver on a course like that and try to slip it down there a little further than guys who are hitting 3-irons or hybrid. It was key for me. The putter was absolutely huge. I made a lot of 15-20 footers and that’s what you have to do to get out in front like that.