May 29 - June 4, 2017

Point Grey Golf & Country Club

Canucks for Kids Ball Hockey Charity Classic

Are you interested in participating in a fun ball hockey game with a few Mackenzie Tour players which is coached by Daniel and Henrik  Sedin while raising money for the Canucks for Kids Fund?


The Vancouver Canucks have partnered with the Mackenzie Tour – PGA TOUR Canada to provide you with a chance to participate in a fun event and raise money for a worthy cause.

When is the Ball Hockey Game?
  • The game will take place on Sunday, June 4th at Point Grey Golf & Country Club in conjunction with the final round of the Freedom 55 Financial Open. 
Who Can Participate?
  • Boys and Girls between the ages of 8 and 12
How Do I Participate?
  • STEP 1 - Go to the Canucks for Kids Ball Hockey campaign on CrowdRise and click “Sign Up To Fundraise
  • STEP 2 - Enter in your Name, Email, and Password, click "Sign Up”, and then click “Join The Team"
  • STEP 3 - Edit Your Fundraiser Page - You will immediately land on your own unique fundraiser page that you can edit, share, and ask for donations. Make sure to click “Edit Fundraiser” and include some story text explaining why you are participating, add in some cool pics, and most importantly upload an amazing trick shot video of your best ball hockey move.
  • STEP 4 - Share Your Fundraiser Page - When your page is customized and looking great, make sure to ask for a ton of donations to this incredible cause by sharing your unique URL using the integrated Facebook and Twitter buttons and “Post An Update” tools.
How are Prizes Awarded?
A total of 6 children will participate in the game.   The top 3 fundraisers will qualify to participate and receive a  Pavel Barber signed FloorballPlus+ Floorball Stick.  An additional 3 will be randomly selected for those who have registered.  To qualify to be selected you will need to raise a minimum of $300. All children that raise over $100 will be invited to attend to watch the game, meet the players and enjoy a barbeque.